2012 Interdistrict Information

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 Point of Contact  Contact Name  Phone Number/s  Email
Interdistrict Convenor Mark Thompson 0433 212 802 mark@amberfire.com.au
12U boys & girls Steve Colley 0421 739 527  
14U boys & girls Gabriel Di Mattia 0412 136 356 gabrdima@au1.ibm.com
16U boys & girls Martin Beanland 0425 256 585 jbnews@islta.com.au



               Division Winners Photos (Senior & Junior)

              Teams (Senior & Junior)

               Draws and Courts

               Ladders and Results (Xpoint)


BACKGROUND.    We've had entries Feb, trials Feb/Mar, selection of teams Mar/Apr and presentation of shirts at the teams BBQ day in June.   We’re excited to be fielding a team that is much bigger than last year.   The Interdistrict competition started in mid July.   You can follow your team on Xpoint, using the Ladders and Results link above, selecting your event.  Here's some weekly updates;


DIV1 GRAND FINALS  - 16 SEP.         Here's an update go to http://www.hardcourt.com.au/documents/2012_finals_results.pdf   for all results;


(1) Adult teams.  The Jack McCall Cup ladies team played well all season and it was a great result to make the final, but Southern Districts had been the front runners all year and they were too good today.   Well done girls, you were our only adult team to make the Div1 Grand Final day (I think?).   

(2) 16's teams.  Congratulations to our President’s Cup 1 Div1 boys.   They won a very tight match against Blacktown 7.5 points to 4.5.  Antoni Trajkovski has had nailbiter matches with Edwyn Ramos for ages, and today Edwyn won a tough match.   The first doubles (Aitor Lasa and JC Gutierrez) got us on the board, then JC swayed the match with a 3 set win over Kenneth Andutan 5-7 6-4 6-2.   Then Aitor finished the job by beating Joel Ramos 6-0 6-4, and Antoni and JC finished the tie with a win in the doubles.   Well done guys.   

 (3) 14's teams.  Esca Stephens 1 lost to a strong Southern Districts team who were too good on the day.  It had been a great season for these guys (Thomas D, Antoni R, Sen L, Georjige B, Aaron T who were very consistent all season.  Great effort to make the grand final guys.      

(4) 12's teams.  In the girls, our Crackanthorp1 (Div1) team had another great win and are now Div1 champions.   This time they beat NSW Catholic 6(36) to 0(3).  This delightful team of young ladies has been too good for the other teams all year.   Well done Patricia A, Kelly G, and Caitlyn P.   We hope to see you in the 14 girls next year, as the normal courtesy is teams that win a division will play up an age group in the following year.  Maybe some of those girls can give you a tougher challenge !!    

OVERALL STANDINGS.  Southern Districts won the champion District "George McKerihan Shield" with 68 points from Illawarra on 44 points then Hawkesbury on 23....

Singles Champions.  Congratulations to Patricia Apisah and Kolt Piggins-Massad who were the singles champion winners for their divisions.    


FINALS WEEK 1    - 9 SEP.      Here's an update go to http://www.hardcourt.com.au/documents/2012_semi_final_results.pdf   for all results;

(1) Adult teams.  The Jack McCall Cup ladies team had a great win against Nepean in the semi 7 sets to 1.  Well done Sue Holmes, Karen Ward, Ms Gemmal, and Maki Joseph.      In the open mens, Blackwell2 have had a great season, and topped their Division.  That meant that today they played the top team from Div1 in the semis.  They lost 7.5 to 4.5 to the strong NSW Catholic team.   That ended an impressive season for Tony Golding, Wayne Birchall, Brad Middleton, Michael Vickery, and Ivan Stride.   Blackwell3 1 had done well to qualify strongly in their division, but they lost a Divisional Final today against Southern Districts.   

(2) 16's teams.  Our President’s Cup 1 team had a tough match against Eastwood Thornleigh.  They pushed us, but with 3 set wins to Antoni and JC, then Aitor running through the tail, the boys are off to the grand final next week.   Our President2, President 3 and Irene Matthews Cup teams didn't quite make this week, so we'll have to work on our strategies for next year !!.

 (3) 14's teams.  Esca Stephens 1 beat Hawkesbury 7 sets to 5.  This team of Thomas D, Antoni R, and Sen L (backed up by Georjige and Aaron) have done well all season.   Our battle weary and injury/sickness depleted Div2 and Div3 teams both went down to Southern Districts.  Great effort guys, but it didn't quite work out this year due to injury, sickness, and withdrawals.   

(4) 12's teams.  In the girls, our Crackanthorp1 (Div1) team had another great win, this time over Blacktown 6-0.   In the boys, our McAndrew Cup1 (Div1) team lost 4-2 to Hawkesbury, but that team of JamesM, MatthewN, and AdamB have had a terrific season and done very well to make the semi finals.   Our McAndrew Div5 team  who are above them on the ladder. That was a great fightback after losing the first 2 singles matches.  Our McAndrew2 (Div3) team had a great match against Canterbury Bankstown and won their division 6 sets to nil.   Well done to that squad of Kamil, Kolt, Romeo, James and Isaac.


ROUND 6 – 26 AUG (as at 23 Aug)   We’re in the run to the finals, and this is the last ‘home and away’ week for most divisions.  Not all teams are playing, and please contact your team manager if you’re not sure about your team.   ... Our strongest standings on ladders leading into this week are Blackwell Div 2 and Div 3 (open mens) teams are both on top of ladder, and so is our Presidents Cup Div 1 (boys 16U) team.    The Esca Stephens1 boys (Div 1-14U) are running 2nd on the ladder, and our Esca Stephens2 (Div2) team are on top of their ladder.  Our Crackanthorp1 girls team (Div1 – 12U girls) are dominating on top of their ladder.  Our McAndrews Cup (boys 12U Div1) are coming 3rd but they have beaten the 2nd team, and lost by one game to the top team, so they are well in the race too.   Good luck this weekend.

ROUND 5 – 19 AUG    Here's how the teams went today;

(1) Adult teams.   Blackwell 1 had a good win against Canterbury Bankstown.  Blackwell 2 had a nail biter where they were 6 sets all but won on games against Eastern Suburbs – both Ivan Stride and Tony Golding played 3 set matches.  Blackwell 3 were too strong for    Blackwell 4, and that match saw a couple of mates in Luke Thomson and Daniel O’Keefe playing head to head (Daniel smiling this time).  Our Jack McCall Cup ladies team lost 5-3 against Nepean.  

(2) 16's teams.  Our President’s Cup 1 team had a great match against our President2.  Antoni Trajkovski beat Aaron Lodge in 3 sets, and Aaron Benchoam beat Zac Oldham in 3 sets, but President1 always had the match in control.   President 3 had a great win against Nepean 7-5. Tim Yates won a tight 2 setter, then Chris Boyce (needing a win for the team to win) pulled off a 3 set win.  A bit too exciting that one.    The Irene Matthews Cup girls lost against Parammatta City – Monique Burton’s match was a highlight, going to a 3rd set before Shubhika Dubey was too good on the day.

 (3) 14's teams.  Esca Stephens 1 beat NSW Catholic – Georgije Babic lost an epic and tense match 6-7 6-4 6-4 before Sen Le and Aaron Tannous cleaned up the tail.   Esca Stephens2 beat Southern Districs in a balanced team effort. Todays team (Liam Jefferys, Jeremy Hall, Michael Ripia) have come up through district tennis together and are a great team – they have all recently been selected to play our District A1 juniors in summer – congratulations guys.

(4) 12's teams.  In the girls, our Crackanthorp1 (Div1) team had a great win over Kincumber Tennis Club. Reports on that match were that Matea Kosovic, Micaela Jefferys, and Chloe Alcorn played some great tennis and as always in great spirit.  It’s terrific to see great sportsmanship and lots of smiles on a tennis court.   Our Crackanthorp2 (Div2) team had a good win over Kincumber.  In the boys, our McAndrew Cup1 (Div1) team beat Hawkesbury who are above them on the ladder. That was a great fightback after losing the first 2 singles matches.  Our McAndrew2 (Div3) team lost to Hornsby Kuringa 4-2.

ROUND 4 – 12 AUG    Todays results;

(1) Adult teams.   Blackwell 1 lost against a strong team at Hawsebury.  Blackwell 2 had a very good win at Southern Districts, and Blackwell 3 also strong winners over Ryde Balmain.     Blackwell 4 had a loss against Southern Districts – all sets were close, and Nick O’Regan did well to take the first set from Tristan Curry.   Our Jack McCall Cup  ladies team had a good win 5-3 over Eastwood Thornleigh.  

(2) 16's teams.  President 1 beat bye easily.  President 2 was depleted by absence and injury in a straight sets loss to Blacktown – that one will hurt in the race to the finals.  President 3 had an ouch loss to Canterbury Bankstown.     The Irene Matthews Cup Div1 girls had a strong win against Strathfield Sports Club – well done.

 (3) 14's teams.  Esca Stephens1 (boys) beat a Hawksebury team that included Blake Bayldon – our boys are a good team with great depth.  Esca Stephens 2 were 12 sets to 0 winners against Strathfield Sports Club 

(4) 12's teams.  In the girls, our Crackanthorp1 (Div1) team had a strong win over Strathfield Sports Club.   Our Crackanthorp2 (Div2) team also had a 6-0 win over Strathfield Sports Club.   In the boys, our McAndrew Cup1 (Div1) team lost to the top team (Southern Districts) 3 sets all by just one game – oh so close.  Great fightback from behind to nearly snatch that event.   Our McAndrew2 (Div3) team lost 4-2 against Southern Districts.

ROUND 3 – 5 AUG    Some great tennis today;

(1) Adult teams.   Blackwell 1 lost at Southern Districts, though Peter Elliot’s exciting 3 set win over Nathan Lewis went right to the wire.   Blackwell 2 had a tie (yeah a tie) at Eastern Suburbs 6 sets all , 7 points all, 46 games all - can you get one more game please next time guys?       Blackwell 3 won 7-5 in a tight encounter at Southern Districts.  Geoff Walsh is having a strong series and had another good win today.   Blackwell 4 lost to Ryde Parramatta but the highlight of the day was Jason Chau’s 3 set win over Peter Bowen.   Our Jack McCall Cup ladies team didn’t have a match this week.  

(2) 16's teams.  President 1 belted Eastern Suburbs, and President2 lost at Southern Districts.  Andrew Braga put in a strong showing before going down in 3 sets to Duat Mustafic.   President 3 beat Southern Districts; Robert Risteski went down in a tight 3 setter - great match.   The Irene Matthews Cup girls lost to NSW Catholic; Violet Apisah made a strong showing against Maria Vais before losing in 2 sets.

 (3) 14's teams. Our Esca Stephens1 (boys) team lost a tough encounter against the top of the ladder team Southern Districts.  Thomas Di Mattia played a great 2nd set to take one from Tyrone Simbul, but Tyrone was too consistent over the match.   Antoni Risteski also stuck it to Aaron Watters before losing a tight 2 set match.     Esca Stephens2 had a strong win against Eastern Suburbs.

(4) 12's teams.  In the girls, our Crackanthorp1 (Div1) team had a 5-1 win over Berala Carramar.   Our Crackanthorp2 (Div2) team also had a 5-1 win over Berala Carramar. In the boys, our McAndrew Cup1 (Div1) team beat Eastern Suburbs 4-2.  Our McAndrew2 (Div3) team beat Nepean 4-2.


ROUND 2 - 29 JUL; It was a bit cool and threatening to rain today, but we played a full set of matches.   There's a few results not showing on the results page, so we can only report on the ones that are up.  Here's how the teams went today;

(1) Adult teams.  It was a strong performance from the Blackwell Cup Squad today - Blackwell 1 team beat a (weakened) Hills team.   Blackwell 2 travelled to Campbelltown for a win against Southern Districts.  It was a local derby at Illawarra Tennis Centre where Blackwell 3 was too strong for Blackwell 4.   Our Jack McCall Cup  ladies team had a strong win against Southern Districts.  

(2) 16's teams.  President 1 had a strong win against Blacktown - the feature match was another tight encounter between Antoni Trajkovski who beat Edwyn Ramon in two tough sets.  President 2 had a strong win against Eastern Suburbs, and the best match there was Aaron Lodge beating Jason Poon in 3 sets.  President 3 lost at Eastwood Thornleigh and the standout performance there was Robert Risteski taking the first set and narrowly losing the second before losing a great match against John Hu - great effort.   In the Irene Matthews Cup, our girls had a tough day in Campbelltown with a loss to Southern Districts.     

(3) 14's teams.  Esca Stephens 1 beat NSW Catholic at home. Esca Stephens 2 had an impressive win at Campbelltown - Liam Jefferys narrowly went down in a tight 3 setter against Demir Mustafic - good effort.  While we lost that first match, the team overall was too good for Southern Districts.  

(4) 12's teams.  In the girls, our Crackanthorp 1 team had a very strong win at home against Hawkesbury.  That team of Patricia, Kelly, and Caitlyn is a formidable force.  Our Crackanthorp 2 team travelled to Hawkesbury and put up a great match, and in a tight result the Hawkesbury team won - good effort girls.   Our McAndrew Cup 1 team also lost to a Hawkesbury team, and the McAndrew 2 team beat Hornsby.  


ROUND 1 - 22 JUL; In the open ages, our Blackwell Cup mens teams had first round wins in Div 2 (a strong win against Southern Districts) and both the Div 3 teams (against Ryde Balmain and Southern Districts), while our Div 1 team had a tough first up match against the NSW Catholic team which included Austalian #46 player Sadik Kadir.    In the 16U Div 1 Boys, our team of Antoni Trajkovski, JC Guiterrez, and Aitor Lasa had a very tight win against a strong Southern Districts team, and on paper those teams look strong to challenge for the cup this season.    Our other two 16U boys teams and also our 16U girls teams all started the season by defeating a team called bye.      In the 14U boys the overall strength of our Div1 boys team (Thomas DiMattia, Antoni Risteski, Sen Le) proved too strong for a Hawkesbury team which included a strong player Blake Bayldon.  In the 12U boys, both our teams went down to Southern Districts in a good day of tennis, but the other teams were a bit too good on the day.      Our 12U girls team of Patricia Apisah, Kelly Gilmour and Caitlin Portela got the season off to a great start with a win against NSW Catholic – well done girls.  Our 12U Div2 girls had some great matches and some very close results in most of the sets, but they lost to the Blacktown team.   Well done everyone on a good start to the season, and we’d be happy to get any parents notes or stories about the season.  If you have something you’d like to add please use the Contact Us section or send a story to webmaster@islta.com.au or jbnews@islta.com.au


If you have any questions relating to ISLTA Interdistrict Competition participation, please call Mark Thompson on the details above.