Saturday Morning Junior Unisex


Competition Secretary Stan Garner 0409 153 057
Results Recorder Stan Garner 0409 153 057
Premier Grade Secretary Glenn Cartwright 0427 410 227
A1 - A9 Grade Secretary Carol Garner 0407 462 046
B & C Grade Secretary Carol Garner 0407 462 046

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Player Registration Forms for 2019 financial year due now            Any player who has not sent their registration in ---please do so ---forms  below       

                                    Interested Parents are needed on the Commitee  

                                   Summer Comp Entries closed

   WINTER COMPETITION 2019      All Team Managers should have a ::Working with Children ::Registration Number 

 General information  PREMIER GRADE information  A1 to C information

Summary of Competition
Etiquette 1
Etiquette 2
Rules for Matches played without a Chair Umpire
Suburbs  eligible to be in our Saturday morning competition

Premier Grade rules
Premier Grade draw



Competition Rule Book and Draw (A & B Grade)

For copy see your coach or contact Comp Sec 

Court locations & team secretaries  
Team Adjustment Form 


Blank score sheet Blank result sheet (Premier Grade) Blank result sheet (A1 to C grade) 

 JB Player Registration Form




Summer 2019/2020
Closing date for the Summer 2019/2020 competition is
17 August 2019
Premier Grade application form (PDF format)  
Premier Grade application form (Word format) 
Premier Grade Reserve application form (PDF format) 
Premier Grade Reserve application form (Word format)
Premier Grade Flyer 
Premier Grade Competition Format 

Summer 2019/2020
Closing date for the Summer 2019/2020 competition is
31 August 2019
A1 to C application form (PDF format)
A1 to C application form (Word format) 
Team Manager/Team Secretary form (PDF format)
Team Manager/Team Secretary form (Word format) 


Don't have a coach - here is a list
of coaches who currently submit teams to
Saturday morning comp 

The winning team is responsible for sending the completed results sheet in by 7pm on the day of the match.
In the case of a wet match - the home team is responsible for notifying the results recorder. 
All results - by scan/email or photo/email to
Please ensure that date, grade, team name and player details are filled in on the results sheets.
IMPORTANT REMINDER A and B grades -  play in your seeded order or you will forfeit both your singles sets.

Players Needed- Please contact the relevant grade secretary on the above email addresses.

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Winter 2019  Competition Results 

Click here for latest Progressive Point Scores/Team Rankings/Competition Ladder 

Results Round 1 9/5/2019 corrected
Results Round 2 15/5/2019
Results Round 3  Posted
Results Round 4  28/5/2019
Results Round 5  4/6/2019
Results Round 6  19/6/19
Results Round 7  26//6/19
Results Round 8  3/7/19 adjusted
Results Round 9  30/7/19
Results Round 10 6/8/19
Results Round 11 14/8/19
Results Round 12 19/8/19
Results Round 13  27/8/19
Results Round 14  4/9/19 
Results Round 15  10/9/19 corrected 11/9/19

Scorecard Round 1  now Posted
Scorecard Round 2  now Posted
Scorecard Round 3  now Posted
Scorecard Round 4   28/5/2019
Scorecard Round 5   4/6/2019
Scorecard Round 6  19/6/19
Scorecard Round 7  26/6/19
Scorecard Round 8  3/7/19
Scorecard Round 9   30/7/19
Scorecard Round 10 6/8/19
Scorecard Round 11  14/8/19
Scorecard Round 12  19/8/19
Scorecard Round 13  27/8/19
Scorecard Round 14   4/9/19
Scorecard Round 15   10/9/19  

Semi Finals - 14/9/19
Draw for Semi Finals  Posted 10/9/19
Semi Finals Results   posted  17/9/19

Finals  -   21/9/19
Draw for Finals  Corrected 16/9/19
Finals Results   not posted

Babolat & Head Backpacks

Left At Gilmours courts

8am -10am 14th Sept

Phone  04021 412 001

Jacket left At rockdale finals Day

Phone 0409 153 057

Competition Reports/Statistics 
Player statistics 10/9/19


 To get notifications via email please email your team name, your name and email address to

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